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In this post, ill be giving a full review of the Littlelf wireless security camera and everything else you need to know about setting up this camera. I cover all the features that the LittleElf comes with, also how to set up the app and give my non-bias opinion on its good side as well as the bad. I gotta say it’s mostly good I really enjoy the LittleElf so maybe I am a bit bias. l do my best to answer any questions you have and please enjoy my review. I’ll leave the Link Below to get one yourself. Please leave comments I would love your feedback good or bad, Thank You again I hope you enjoy.

Why You Want The Littlelf

The Littlelf Camera is great because it has the ability to be used for security and the install process is super easy which ill explain later on in this review. Littlelf has many awesome features that really sets it apart from a lot of other so-called best wireless security cameras that you might have heard about before.


Not only is it great for indoor security anywhere around the house but its also able to be used as a Pet Cam so if you have crazy dogs you might like to use it for that.

Parents if you have small children this is definitely something you will appreciate and I think you’ll like being able to check on your baby at nighttime without having to get out of bed. Whatever you use the Littlelf camera  I’m sure it will do a great job and you’d be surprised how satisfying it is to get a camera like this for under $50.

Everything about littlelf


The Littlelf is about 4in tall and comes included with a mantle which is great most inexpensive cameras like this one make you get your own. It also comes with Screws, a measuring drill template, and of course the power box with a USB cable. It’s able to record completely 360 around. The speaker is on the top back and is very loud. On the bottom back, you’ll find a DC 5V android connect, a port for an SD card, an ethernet port, and a reset button. The front side has a 1080p camera lens as well as an infrared light to the right of the camera lens. The mic hole is right above the reverse call button which calls the device back to the original view from when it first tagged motion.


  • Motion Detection takes a picture every time someone walks in front of the camera.
  • 2 Way Communication allows you to hear what the camera is interacting with as well as letting you interact with what’s on the other side of the camera the speaker is also great really loud and clear to boot.
  • Night Vision is perfect I have no complaints about this at all it has a clear image of everything in sight they really nail on the head with this feature, in particular, I was super pleased with how it turned out.

Download Littlelf App from App Store

  • Start Setting the up the Littlelf App by going into the app store and install the app to your phone. After it downloads type in your email to register your account. Enter the security code that it sends to you next it’ll ask you to create a new password. Once you create your password just go through the process of actually adding the camera to your account and you’ll be all set to start using the Littlelf.  The app does allow multiple cameras to be added on I know a lot of people have questions about that. 


The Benefits and the Negatives 

  • Not much that I can complain about with this camera other than that you need an SD card to have space for longer videos. If you don’t have one you’ll need to buy space on the cloud which kinda sucks that it’s not free. That’s about it and maybe that it has a 720p resolution but even that isn’t too bad I have never had a problem with the video quality.


  • I’m very satisfied with my Camera I really like that it comes with a mount that separates it a lot from the other pan and tilt cameras that you normally find. The App used with it fits very well and has many useful features that I’m sure you will enjoy. Also, it’s nice having the option to use it as a baby monitor not having to worry about your baby is always a plus in my view especially with the incredible job they did with the night vision you can really see they were through with this one.

How much Is it and Where can I Get One?


  • The littlelf normally would cost you 70$ but they have it on saving at the time of this post for 40$ hopefully you don’t miss this deal you’ll save 30$ really good deal.

Where To Get One 

  • You can find this camera at Amazon ill leave a link to it below this a fairly new camera and not many people have heard of it but ita starting to trend more and more so it’s a great time to grab one in case they bump up the price as they do when it becomes a popular and trending item.

Wrapping things Up!

Overall I really enjoyed the Littlelf Security Cam/ Pet Cam/ Baby Monitor. So many uses to this device you really can’t go wrong. Super inexpensive easy to install tons of value and you will have a nice new way to watch over your house or anything else you have that’s important to you.

Please leave any comments you want I appreciate all of them good or bad!

Thank You…

Sincerely, Joe associate from Reliable Security!



4 thoughts on “Best Wireless Security Cameras – OutStanding Value!”

  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the informative post. I am aware of the LittleIf Security Cam, my sister’s house has this one. I have seen the picture quality is very good quality, night vision is fine and it is user friendly.

    There are few things which I noticed though or could have been improved:
    1) It does not have web interface and hence cannot view on PC. I hope they enable it through a software update.
    2) They should incorporate motion detection alarm on the phone also…not only at the place of camera.

  2. Wow, this camera sounds cool! I wasn’t aware that there was a camera specified for what you wrote about. The Littlelf sure is a neat name for this camera.

    I like how parents can use this camera to watch their little ones (while sleeping). I think this camera is necessary for that type of purpose. It sure is a camera I would consider getting at some point.

    An excellent review, I thought you gave an honest opinion of the camera. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great info, my husband and I are looking to get cameras installed being that we are in a rural area. I would definitely be interested in the video doorbell, that sounds neat! Thanks for the recommendation!


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