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Arlo Pro 3 Review – 2020

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Arlo Pro 2 Camera System – Top Review

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Best Video DoorBell to Buy – 2020!!

Thank You for reading my review I hope you enjoy! In this review ill be going over everything you need to know about the best video doorbell to have, and why I believe it’s a must in everyone’s home. I also go over the Alexa Show8 and how you can link it to the video doorbell making it so you have 24/7  security enabling you to see anyone who comes to the door all the time.

Why It’s a great idea to buy a Video Doorbell!

Having a Video DoorBell is a great investment for everyone especially if you are always ordering stuff online. Just the idea of a video doorbell, in my opinion, is super reliable and I immediately wanted one when I came across it the first time. It keeps your entire yard safe and if you print home it’ll keep people from snooping around your yard living in a bad neighborhood myself I definitely feel better having it because it’s so easy for people to just come and take a package off your porch. It comes in pretty cheap at a low price of $99 that’s about as cheap as it gets for a video doorbell and I think you’ll be more than satisfied now and in the long run if you buy one. If you were interested in this product you can continue reading for more information I’m sure all your questions can be answered.

Everything About the Ring Video Doorbell

Inside the box for the Ring DoorBell, you have directions on how to install it, the DoorBell itself, orange micro USB cable, orange handled screwdriver with both hex and Philips head. Also, comes with a diode to help assist with hooking up to a powered doorbell. The only thing else it comes with is screws, anchors, and a small level to keep it from being lopsided. Setting up the doorbell takes around 5mins, it starts off by asking you to sign in or make an account after you make your account follow the process of actually adding your camera to your account take the QSR code show it to your camera and you’re off to the races and you can start protecting your home.


Battery Status which is basically the general settings and health of the device. Inside this feature you can turn the ring alerts on and off, you change the motion alerts to set it so that you can have alerts go to your phone or not. There’s a snooze option so that you can increase the time that it takes to send you a motion alert as well.

Live View lets you see what’s going on all the time, with live view on continuously it lasts about 4 days with it off you can expect about 3 to 4 weeks until you have to charge it again. Of course, if you already have a doorbell you can power the Video DoorBell by connecting the wires to the old doorbell and you won’t have to worry about battery life.

Motion Zones allows you to either shorten or extend how far it picks up motions alerts. I recommend making it very short if you don’t happen to have a particularly huge yard.



The Echo Show8

I recommend buying the Echo Show8 with the Ring DoorBell, I’m reviewing the 8 but the 5 is also great if you can’t spend over $100. Buying the Echo is a great way to have something that lets you always see who’s at the door immediately if you pair it with the Ring DoorBell. You can’t really find a good security monitor separate you only get them in a bundle deal with cameras that cost over $400 altogether. It’s a great way to have a little makeshift security system just get the echo and either pair it with something like the Wyze cam and you’ll have all the ability of a security system. You can see more about the Wyze camera in the link below.

Wyze Cam Link Below



The Echo Show8 has a 10.1in screen and a 1,280 by 800 resolution. You’ll find the speaker on the back of it and I think you’ll find the speaker to be an awesome bonus after you purchase your echo as a security monitor. So if you can’t pay a little more for the 8 and you end up getting a 5 know that you lose out on that perk although the video quality is the same for both Echos. You can also use the echo for Hulu so if you have kids they can watch it while you’re in the kitchen or something. If you don’t really care about having 24/7 security potential an incredible speaker with Alexa enabled voice control that’s also very receptive even over the loud sound of the speaker blaring your favorite music then you probably shouldn’t buy it. You’ll still have the Best Ring DoorBell to be able to get for $99 bucks. But If you do want a reliable security system for cheap, going the route of buying a couple of cameras from the Wyze cameras and pairing it with Echo Show8 or if you don’t need indoor cameras pairing the Ring DoorBelltogether with the Echo Show8 is a great idea and will save you more money than another way to get 24/7 security ability. Having 24/7 access is enough of a reason for me to buy both together plus the speaker really is outstanding on this device.

Great way to have 24/7 home Security

The Ring DoorBell and the Echo Show8 together create a very cool and a very cheap way to have 24/7 live feed security. The Ring DoorBell is great by itself because it not only prevents people from stealing your packages off your porch without you even being home. Just talk through your DoorBell with your phone after they ring the DoorBell and you can fend off potential robbers from breaking into your home. A reliable security monitor is impossible to find by itself so the echo is really a lifesaver for a homeowner that can’t afford the $400 or more security system. With the Echo Show8, you have 24/7 security video Live Streaming and a speaker that is super Load you can probably use it to work0ut and be satisfied with the volume.

Thanks for taking your time to read my review I hope you got some value and have a wonderful day!

Top home security cameras – #1 Price and Functionality!

In this article, I’m going to explain why I love these cameras and review what I believe are the top home security cameras that you can get right now for a crazy low price especially considering how many benefits they give you. The first camera I will be going into detail about is the Wyze Cam V2. This is a small easy to set up and install security camera perfect for indoor protection. The second camera I’m going to review is the Wyze Cam Pan the Big Brother to the V2. This camera is about 30$ but in my opinion, is definitely a top home security camera. Please enjoy my review I know you’ll definitely gain some insight and help you decided if you are on the fence about even getting security cameras or just looking to buy a reliable security camera. This is definitely the spot to have all your questions answered. Thanks again for reading and I hope you gain some value!

Why I Have Home Security

Having home security has obvious advantages such as preventing theft and other illegal activities but I feel they are under-appreciated. For me personally, I never considered that I would need security cameras until the day my home was broken into. The thing was for me I had no money to buy security cameras and I thought that’d cost me hundreds of dollars. At the time that was impossible so I never bought any. Because I lived in a terrible neighborhood every day I felt open to the world and I hated feeling so exposed. Finally, I decided to look around for at least one security camera I figured maybe I could at least find something I could make payments on that way id at least feel safe that my property wouldn’t be taken away from me when I’m not there. Fortunately, I did find a cheap camera but it was horrible and had a terrible quality of the video but I didn’t care if the video was terrible all I needed was the camera outside my house so that people would see it and not choose my house to steal from. I thought who would try to break into a house with a camera obviously recording the yard. Well, it turns out people will do anything if they struggle enough because I was robbed again and my crappy camera couldn’t even see the robbers’ enough to catch them. I was so frustrated, but I couldn’t do anything so I did more research and I came across the Wyze cam it worked so well and for only 20$! I loved it so much I had to share it with everyone in my situation. Luckily I haven’t been robbed again but if I am I know this camera will not only catch the people who do it but ill be able to potentially stop them before it happens because of all the great features these cameras have.

The Wyze Cam V2

I think we can all agree that a camera for 20$ doesn’t hold very high expectations but you’ll find that this camera is much more than you don’t normally see and is a steal that you can’t beat anywhere else you look.

The camera comes included with a power box and micro USB cable. It is a very small camera only 2in by 2in, also it has a magnetic base that enables you to attach it to almost anywhere you would like. Setting this camera up is very easy as well just download the Wyze cam app to make an account, and after you go through the process to actually add a camera it’ll come up with a QRA code. You show it to your camera it reads it and links up to your account after it loads you’ll be all set to use your camera.

Features –

  • Night Vision is extremely useful because most of the time the camera is being used at night and it does a surprisingly great job of illuminating everything at night. I definitely recommend playing with the settings though some times things blind the camera it is easily adjusted most of the time.
  • 14 days of Free Cloud Storage as soon as you set up your account! This is crazy because most companies normally charge you for storage but Wyze not only doesn’t charge you they give you 2 weeks just for free. When I see a company going that far for their customers I see one that aims to please their customers, and It’s a that’s really refreshing feature that you don’t see very often most companies just don’t go that extra the length. Cloud storage holds triggered events caused by motion and sound that’s what you’ll be saving in the cloud.
  • Micro Sd Port with this you can store events in the cloud and in your micro SD. After you install the micro SD you will be able to record continuous videos even if there are no triggered events happening. With a 32g SD card, you can have up to 4 days of 1080p continuous recording more if you don’t use HD up to about a week or so of recording before it starts to delete the videos.
  • Live Stream feature allows you to interact with people using the camera via the 2-way audio system. Live stream is fairly sensitive and will send you notifications whether it hears something or is motion-triggered so just play with the sensitivity in the settings and you should be fine. The notification system is very reliable you can guarantee to get every notification that you are expecting every time. I love this especially because I know ill get the notification if someone really does break-in.
  • Alexis Support after you install this you be able to use live stream on multiple amazon devices including amazon echo shows, echo spots and on Amazons fire TV.
  • Daisy Chain makes it so you can have 3 Wyze cams connected to a single power supply. Great way to help if you can’t reach the outlet and you have more than one Wyze cam that you want to use. As long as you have 2 male USB type A cables you’ll be good and it will be easy to power multiple cameras by applying this feature if needed.

Wyze Cam Pan

It comes with a power box, USB cable, and a user guide that can help you get started. Pan Cam is about 5in tall and 2in length. There is no magnetic base like with the V2 but this is because it would interfere with the Pan scan feature to tilt and turn. So instead it has a quarter-inch thread that you can use to mount your camera with whatever you would like. The set up for the camera is fairly simplistic after you download the Wyze cam app and go through the process of adding a camera you will receive a QSR code show this to the camera to link your account and will be all set to start using your pan. The Pan does require a WiFi speed of 2.4gherz so make sure you at least have that or this camera will not work for you. The Pan camera has all the same features as the V2 plus more and I think it is a top home security camera that gives crazy benefits for only 30$ you really can’t go wrong with this Wyze cam.

Features –

  • Smart Sound works by detecting smoke alarms, carbon dioxide alarms, and just general sounds like let’s say a book fell it would hear that book falling and send a notification to you.
  • Night Vision same as the V2 has great quality definitely no complaints here just make sure to adjust it depending on the environment it’s being used in it can get blinded.
  • Pan Scan has the ability that allows you to record 4 separate zones that you are able to customize however you would like it to record. Rotate sections every 10secs
  • Motion Tracking as soon as the camera detects motion it starts to track whatever it found until it can’t see it anymore. This is super cool but make sure you watch where its triggered events happen at because Lets say you have a fan it will be triggered by that fan over and over again until it shuts off or until it can’t see it. So just watch and you may have to make adjustments so that you’re not getting a million notifications about what the fan is doing.
  • Motion Tagging is great if you have too much moving all the time and you want to record a specific area it stills notify s you if something moves but will keep the camera in place.
  • 14 days of Free Cloud Storage just as the V2 had so does the Pan. It will store up 2Days of HD, and 7-8 days standard recording of 12-sec videos these videos are what the triggered events are that it saves each time.
  • Micro SD Card again just like the V2 you can add an SD Card. This Lets you enable continuous recording.

Things to Consider when picking your Security Camera

I wouldn’t say one is better than the other but they do have a couple to different aspects to consider when purchasing these cameras. The Pan Cam has a tilt feature and can cover a wider angle up to 120degrees. Video quality is exactly the same for both of these cameras. I would take this into consideration do you need to cover a wide area or are you just using the camera to see a hallway. If you just need the hallway covered definitely go for the V2 maybe the Pans extra feature would just be wasted for what you at that point save yourself that 10$. Either way whatever one you prefer you are going to get a great product for a crazy low price you almost never see something that has so many features for 30$ or less. Not to mention that they have an amazing customer service program and are A USA based company. You can follow them on any social media network and are just an overall great company I have never been so satisfied with a camera I highly recommend this camera for your home.

The Wyze Cam is a Great Choice

I truly believe that Wyze Cameras is a ONCE and awhile deal and should be your 1st choice if you are looking for a reliable security camera that has 1080p HD recording, night vision, live streaming that you can connect Alexa on and stream live to many amazon echo devices and amazon fire. The cameras only cost 20& and if you want the pan feature that lets it tilt and record wider angles you only have to pay 10$ come on that’s a really cool deal the Wyze company is offering right now. I hope you enjoyed this article, a link is below if you would like to purchase these cameras.


Thank You…

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